“Robert Glazer is superb.  He received a well deserved ovation…”
—St. Louis Globe-Democrat

 “Mr. Glazer…supplied, at Berlioz’s reckoning and out of his own inspiration, those heartfelt and poetic elements which give the work its principle beauty.  Mr. Glazer contributed what is…the quality of the viola part—a haunting romanticism.  He did this with great expressiveness and style, and his shaping of the music was very lovely.  Where technical flair was demanded, he turned it with poise and fluency, and with a vitality that visibly stirred him from the heels up.  It was all very eloquent and the warm response of the house demonstrated plainly how well he had gotten to his hearers.”
—The Hartford Courant

“His performance of the Gould Concerto was a veritable triumph!”
—Louisville Courier Journal

Robert Glazer Profile