1. The Louisville Orchestra, First Edition Series
    Morton Gould, Concerto for Viola and Orchestra

    Robert Glazer, Violist
    Lawrence Leighton Smith, Conductor

  2. Amber Waves, The Glazer Duo Plays American Music.  Music of Rebecca Clarke, Alan Shulman, and Easley Blackwood.  Centaur Records.
  3. Gilda and Robert Glazer in Recital.  Music of Amram, Ornstein, others.  The Primavera Quartet, assisting artists.  Golden Crest.
  4. Twentieth-century Unlimited.  Gilda Glazer plays outstanding twentieth-century scores.  Golden Crest.
  5. Album for Viola and Piano.  Brodt Music Co.
  6. Numerous journal articles on teaching Strings. Keyboards, Conducting, and Chamber Music.